In an anticipated move, Pak Suzuki has revised the prices of its commercial vehicles from July  09, 2019.

As per the new details, the price of Suzuki Ravi has been decreased to PKR 941,000 from PKR 965,000 and that of Suzuki Bolan Cargo to PKR 990,000 from PKR 1,015,000. Moreover, the rate of Suzuki Mega Carry has been brought down to PKR 1,299,000 from PKR 1,364, 000.

It is imperative to mention here that the prices were revised after the Federal Government of Pakistan imposed Federal Excise Duty (FED) on the cars through its finance bill. However, it was clear in the government’s budget speech that FED would only be imposed on passenger vehicles, not on commercial vehicles. That’s the reason people were surprised when Suzuki hiked the prices of its commercial vehicles.

In the circular which the company forwarded to its dealers across Pakistan, it states that after the clarification of finance bill that FED is not applicable on commercial vehicles, the company is decreasing the rates of its products. However, as mentioned above, it was already clear in the budget speech and all the local industry experts were also asserting that the FED was being imposed on passenger vehicles