People often complain that there is a monopoly of big 3 namely Toyota, Honda, and Suzuki in Pakistan but very few people are aware especially the younger generation that in the recent past a lot of cars were launched and sadly they miserably failed to grab a considerable share in the market due to one reason or another. Today we will take a look back to this long-forgotten garage and discuss there key strengths and weaknesses and why they were unable to make a good name for their self.

KIA Spectra

KIA emerged into Pakistan’s market in the mid-’90s, but due to various reasons, it failed badly to leave a good mark. KIA launched a few cars including a sedan named KIA spectra with mainly two engine options including a 1.3L and a 1.6L. Though there are a few 1.8L units in the market as well. Despite rather impressive engine configurations available the car sadly failed to impress as it was low on safety as compared to Japanese plus it had an unglamorous design element. The maintenance cost of this car was also high, which was also one of the reasons for its immediate failure. It also had an overheating problem due to no proper cooling system. In result KIA spectra tend to go hot almost to the higher part of the 4th quarter of temperature gauge, several engine failure issues were reported due to overheating.

Moreover, it had a braking issue due to its excessive weight. In short, its power to weight ratio was not good, which made it uneconomical, and it was the primary reason for its so-called failure. Poor fuel average also contributed to its lack of success. Keeping the above points in mind, lack of buyer’s awareness and lack of bank funding also contributed to KIA spectra’s failure in the early 2000s.

KIA Classic

KIA Classic, also known as Pride-B in global markets was the first vehicle, a 1300cc sedan to roll of the DFML assembly lines in the year 2000. The car was a sedan version of the Pride hatchback which made inroads during the mid-90s in Pakistan. If KIA spectra are like what Civic is to Honda, then it would be wrong to say that Classic was the City of KIA.  You could have a Kia Classic at a very affordable price almost the same price of 1.0L Daihatsu Cuore, KIA Classic was just slightly behind the Honda City in terms of performance, but that was a small price to pay for cheap 1300cc vehicle. Surprising unlike most cars on the list this car didn’t face much of mechanical or electrical issues, and the reasons behind the downfall of such great economy car were associated with the downfall of KIA itself. Yes, the vehicle looked hideous even for its times, no safety what so ever but for the price, it was a great car indeed. This very same reason also contributed to the failure of KIA Spectra as well. And some stories even claim that KIA dealerships started to charge sky-high premiums on their cars which made the KIA Classic & Spectra more of a dealership business car rather than family cars.

Fiat Uno

Fiat UNO was the first European car to make it to the Pakistani car market. It was assembled from complete knockdown (CKD) kits in Pakistan by Raja Motor Company. Production started in 2001 and continued until 2004 when the manufacturing plant had to be closed down. Only the diesel variant of the car was made available under the 1.7D model. Although large scale manufacturing of the car has ceased. And sadly like KIA spectra this car also failed to make its name in the market. It had an outdated shape and cheap-feeling interior as compared to Suzuki Cultus, it was unable to attract buyers. Beside its archaic shape, It also had a noisy engine problem, owner of UNO claimed that its engine sound was louder than a truck’s engine.

Moreover, it had an ignition and idling problem, which sometimes made challenging to start the car and cause of this problem was a faulty coolant sensor. And just like the Spectra it had an overheating problem, Fiat UNO used to overheat due to broken cylinder Head gasket or a broken thermostat. Adding more to its lack of success fiat UNO also had some fault in its braking system as well, it had spongy brakes which were due to hydraulic fluid leakage in somewhere in the rear brakes.


Chevrolet Optra

In my opinion, the Chevrolet Optra was the most good looking and modern car Pakistan had in the 2000s. It was an amazing thing to look at, and if I exaggerate a little, it also resembled the Dodge Charger. Believe it or not, it was designed by Pininfarina an Italian based company which recently revealed its stunning Batista. But that was all the good part and most of the stuff about this car was not positive. First, it utilized most of Daewoo parts which at the time wasn’t a worthy company too. Optra earned an appalling two stars out of 5 in Euro NCAP crash tests internationally. It was especially dangerous to have a side impact in this car since it was the weakest part of its construction. Apart from that, there’s a recall on 2004 and 2005 model about the daytime running light module which may catch fire. Mechanically speaking, the engine was robust, but owners face transmission issue in the car. This included gear slipping when you accelerate the car.