Audi A4 is a front-wheel sedan, which costs approximately Rs.60 lacs. The car’s total registration cost, including luxury tax, cost Rs.2.5 lacs. Given Pakistan’s roads, the car’s suspension is good, but it has a clearance issue when crossing over speed bumps.


Audi A4 2016 has a 1.4 (1400cc) liter TFSI petrol engine. Despite being a sedan with a 1400cc engine, the car is not unpowered. This is because the engine generates 150 hp and 250 Nm torque. There is one more reason for this, and that is that this A4 has a lighter body (about 95 kg as compared to the old A4), which is aerodynamically designed.


The car comes equipped with a 7-speed S Tronic twin-clutch automatic gear transmission. This is an improvement over old A4’s Multitronic CVT transmission. Within the city, this can be driven for 12-13 km in one-liter and on the highway, it can be driven for 18 km in one-liter. This is based on the fuel quality, and Audi A4 requires Hi-Octane fuel (95 RON at the minimum).