As we know that the road infrastructure in Pakistan is much better than it was in the past decade. Today we have several motorways and people use these motorways to travel to their respective destinations. The speed limit on these motorways are 120 Kmph, but some people travel at a greater speed than this. It could be dangerous to travel at such speed without having some know how about travelling at high speed. So to avoid any casualty during your journey, here we have described some rules to keep in mind when driving at high speed. These rules should be followed in order to reach your destination safely.

No driving while stressed

It is the most important tip while driving at high speed. You should not drive while you are stressed. When you drive stressed or fatigued, there are more chances that you meet an accident because stress slows down your brain and reduces your reaction time and thus you meet an accident or any misfortune.

Bad weather conditions

In bad weather try to concentrate on the traction so that the tyres can meet the surface well. The driver needs to drive at a fair speed to achieve friction between the tyres and road. One more thing to remember is that you should not try to overtake in bad weather because it could be dangerous and you can lose control of your vehicle. Your speed should be adjusted such that in case of any emergency you can safely stop your vehicle safely.

Blind spots

Despite having a rear view mirror and the side mirrors you could encounter some blind spots. For example, the area behind the pillars of your vehicle is a blind spot and some of the area on both sides which cannot be shown inside mirrors. These two spots are very dangerous while changing the lane or taking a turn. An entire vehicle can hide behind a pillar so you need to look for the things behind it and also you need to observe the side mirror blind spot whether a car is coming in your destination lane or not. A simple solution is that you should honk your horn while turning to avoid pillar’s blind spot danger. For side mirror blind spot, you could buy a small convex mirror to see the blind spot which your mirror is unable to show.


Use indicators

The common mistake people do while changing lane is that they do not use indicators. This mistake can lead you to some misfortune. As you are unaware of what is in your side mirror blind spot, using an indicator can help the person behind you to know before-hand that you are going to change your lane and therefore he can adjust his vehicle’s speed accordingly or he can tell you his presence by honking his horn or flashing his lights. It helps a lot in lowering the chance of an accident during lane changes.

Tyre pressure

The most common cause of any motorway accident is the tyre burst. The tyres burst due to improper tyre pressure. When you travel at high speed, the tyres burn like hell. If the pressure in the tyres exceeds the specified limit, it can cause the tyre to burst and eventually you meet misfortune. The right pressure in tyres give you good economy and balanced drive at high speed. So it is necessary to check the tyres pressure before your journey.